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We are glad you are taking the first step towards your wellbeing. It requires immense strength and courage to acknowledge and accept that something is bothering you. You might have also felt that you are losing control of everything happening around you. But, that’s the part about seeking help, it helps you. It’s a matter of one leap that you need to take and, we shall assure that you land safely.

At MindPiper, we aim to make this process of seeking help simple and less strenuous. It is our responsibility to make you feel at home. A designated Care Facilitator shall understand more about you, your needs and your context. S/he shall further assist you by connecting you with a qualified psychologist or a psychiatrist who is a part of the MindPiper Team. We like to call this process, a Managed Care Approach. Our experienced team of mental health professionals offers help, both psychological or psychiatric, under one roof according to your requirements and preferences.

To begin your journey, book a quick appointment with one of our psychologists. We would be happy to co-travel with you on this journey of personal growth and acceptance.

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