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Designing For Organizations

At Mind Piper we provide integrated contextualized brief therapeutic interventions that focus on evidence-based care to build organizational resilience and meet the employees’ wants.

Our Process

Mind Piper will closely work with you to deeply understand your organizational culture and the potential stressors. Based upon our interactions we’ll design a workshop or an integrated mental wellness program that resonates with your organization and is specific to the wants of your workforce . In addition, we will create incentives for your employees who wish to prioritize their self care and engage in long term therapy support with us.

In the past we have designed these workshops and wellness programs for corporate employees and young leaders in the development sector to reduce their stigma around mental health, learn about psychological first aid and increase their repertoire of skills for ensuring holistic wellbeing in workplaces. Company lunch & learns, fellow training or company sponsored work from home sessions, we contextualize our design in any format, according to your preference.
Like a banking ombudsman ,we assign a neutral care facilitator who aids them with their personal queries and schedules that might be coming in their way to seek professional help for themselves.

Designing For Community

Mental health can never be understood in silos of a psychiatric ward or a therapy room. Instead, it is the familial and the community ties that make a difference in the mental health of an individual.

Our Structure

A connected and engaged approach that brings together psychiatry, psychology and the societal components of care to aid the journey of treatment recovery and growth.

With the vision of providing sustainable mental health services to the communities at the margins, Mind Piper has been spearheading and designing several community based initiatives since its inception.

Be it challenging the the new normal with a Crisis Counselling wellbeing initiative- COVID Response or supporting the homeless community through a trauma informed interventions called Project Sehar or make an attempt to break the schemas around psychiatric care through integrated care in our community clinics, we at Mind Piper design interventions that have communities as a core.

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