Our Team

Dr. S. A. Basir
Medicine and Research

Dr. Basir holds an MBBS degree from S. C. B. Medical College and a Diploma in Psychiatric
Medicine from Central Institute of Psychiatry. More than that, he holds more than twenty-five years
of experience in mental health where he has interacted with thousands of clients, particularly focusing
on their holistic health. He is admired by his clients who often experience a positive change in their
life after meeting with him. He is strong advocate for therapy and believes that it should work in
adjunction to psychiatry. Apart from his current practice in Delhi, he has previously worked in Saudi
Arabia and the UK.

Mr. Rajiv Agarwal

Armed with a dynamic range of interests, Rajiv is a serial entrepreneur who has degrees in the fields
of sciences and social sciences. Currently pursuing enrolled in the Executive Fellow Programme in
Management at IIM Kashipur, he is also qualified in psychology and is very active in assisting his
clients feel more in control of their lives. With over twenty certificates ranging from cryptography to
machine learning to computation neurology – he often inspires his clients to step out of their comfort
zone and try something new.

Rashi Sinha
Innovation Manager, Psychology

A graduate in psychology from LSR and having completed her masters in clinical psychology from
TISS, being with Rashi is an experience in itself. A person who finds vintage endearing, she loves to
take trips down the memory lane with anyone who is willing to go.  Weaver of words, Rashi asks the
most insightful questions and is able to explain even the most difficult concepts through carefully
chosen metaphors. She An ardent believer of hope, clients leave Rashi feeling more in touch with
their own abilities and resilience, and deep down more hopeful of what is to come.


Siddhant Khurana

An engineer by degree, Siddhant is a self-coached psych-major with a curious soul. Carrying a
contagious enthusiasm with him, he looks forward to learning new things from everyone he meets.
Among the broad range of things he does, what he does most importantly for Mind Piper is to bring
the team together by striking a balance between being a manager and a co-worker and ensuring that
effective communication takes place. A big foodie, Siddhant makes sure all serious meetings happens
in the company of delicious meals. He has the quality of enabling spaces, people, and the spaces
between people.


If you want to be a part of our squad, have a look at our current openings here. And if you are not able to find any suitable vacancy, send us your resume with your ideas at support@mindpiper.in.