Innovative Workshops

Keeping a holistic approach towards mental health, Mind Piper emphasizes equally on the treatment of illnesses and on promoting well-being. With these thoughts in mind, some of the activities that we do are –

Awareness Building – The first step towards creating a culture that is receptive to mental health is to build spaces where mental health is understood and talking about it is normalized. With these thoughts in mind, Mind Piper conducts awareness building sessions in diverse communities through a range of participatory activities, a most loved one being a life-size game of snakes and ladders which enables learning through play.

Group Work – Recognizing that one-to-one therapy and psychiatric interventions can be helpful in a limited fashion, Mind Piper has launched Project Roobaroo. The project focuses on two key aspects of mental health – physical health and building support networks. The group work offers persons a chance to engage in physical activities through a range of games, and to share their experiences with one another thus creating social support.

Financial Literacy – It is important to recognize that a person’s mental health is influenced by their environment which would include their work, relationships, and the basic advantages or disadvantages they face based on where they were born and their abilities. Mind Piper offers workshops in financial literacy life skills as a way of recognizing that our socio-emotional responses to money are deeply linked to our mental health.