Campus Wellness

We partner with colleges to further our understanding youth mental health and to enhance wellness among students so that they can deal with their life circumstances in a better manner.


Because mental health issues have real consequences.

Every hour, one student commits suicide in India and there is a serious need to take a harder look at these events. It matters because – suicide is the leading cause of death in youngsters aged 10-24 – they are engaging in self-harm, or resorting to excessive use of drugs, alcohol, and other substances. It matters because we don’t see the invisible pain of living with anxiety or depression or other mental health issues which affect the ability of students to perform well in academics, participate in co-curricular activities, and engage in meaningful relationships.

A Glimpse into the Mental Health Needs of College Students

When I was depressed, it was the stigma and being rejected by others that was even worse than having depression. I would rather have had cancer than depression.”

Anonymous, 18-years old

College can be a difficult time. While some make it through smoothly, the strife may be overwhelming for some. During our interaction with students from various colleges, the following concerns were voiced:

The unsaid stress of transitions

For first year students, it is a big shift from school to college and for those in their final year, there is great uneasiness over the transition to the next phase of life.

The pressure to strike the right balance

They have to deal with the pressures of a competitive academic life and balancing the social expectations and personal interests.

No space for talking about emotions

A significant issue that came out in our discussions with the students was the lack of discourse around mental health around them. This leads to not being able to recognize mental health issues and thus having trouble in seeking or offering help to those around.

And these are only some of the pressing pain points, there is a lot more to this discussion.

To Colleges, Mind Piper offers –

An integrated approach towards mental health that gives equal importance to mental illness and well-being.

Holistic managed care comprising of psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and mental health social workers whereby people can make informed decisions and we provide them access to resources who can help fulfil their needs.

Technology-enabled accessibility to mental health services and treatment plans.

Workshops by experts based on the interactions with students and teachers as well as issues that come up in individual therapy.

– The power of peer support groups who can help each other through recovery and healing.